Am I the only one that when I’m overexerting myself with work, or just life, all I want is a spa day…or a week long trip to Canyon Ranch?

After traveling the past month I had found myself feeling like I needed a vacation from my vacation last week.

I understand and know that I need to be taking consistent actions toward my self care on a daily basis and I’ll be the first to call myself out: my self care has sucked the past few months.

I went from taking a few weeks of minimal work following my grandfather’s death in March to feeling way behind on everything, feeling I needed to make up for it the past couple of months.

This happens to the best of us and I keep learning to not be mean to myself, but to recognize it and start to schedule in specific things to take care of myself – from workout classes to massages. But sometimes that can even feel like too much!

My friend Natalie was also feeling the need for rejuvenation and I wanted her to try some of my Beautycounter products so she came over last Saturday and we did a mini at home spa day.

Not only did it save us a few hundred at least, we both ended up feeling rejuvenated. I realized creating this type of spa day at home is not only money saving, but was extremely beneficial to my own mental and physical health.

So, How Can You Create Your Own #SelfCareSaturday?

  1. Wash it off!

Natalie and I both used different products – she used the Charcoal Cleansing Bar + I used the Rejuvenating Cleansing Balm! Beautycounter has these awesome cleansing cloths (they come in a 3 pack) so we both used them and O-M-G they are so much better than a washcloth, it left me feeling like I had the spa experience at home!

Shop the skincare: Rejuvenating Cleansing Balm here | Cleansing Cloths here | Charcoal Bar here

  1. Mask it Up!

We threw on masks and had a nice time hanging out in my living room eating some yummy mediterranean food! Natalie tried the No. 3 Balancing Mask (it’s a charcoal mask, which I’ve been loving since discovering Beautycounter) + I used the No. 1 Brightening mask.

Shop the skincare: Charcoal mask here | Brightening Mask here

  1. Take a Selfie!

This may seem weird and counterproductive to relaxation time but I like to do it because I am a person that likes to see the actual impact of my products, and I actually saw a noticeable difference with my skin and overall relaxation! We took before, during and after photos. Mask photos feel like the new duckface photos these days, but I’d like to think #SelfCareSaturday photos are the new #InDaClub photos and will show you how much more relaxed you actually look! Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words!

  1. Pool Time!

After we took off our masks, we spent some time at my complex’s jacuzzi. If you don’t have a jacuzzi, it’d be fun to go to the beach or make your own bath at home (I’m a fan of epsom salt baths!)

So, there you go! A super easy hour of self care you can put into a Saturday or schedule into a night after you’re done with your day!

I have to say, after doing this not only did my skin feel better, it gave me a ton of energy.

It proved to me taking a couple hours for myself, without having to leave my home, can reap amazing benefits for my mind, body and soul (as well as my entire bathroom which I went through and completely reorganized night! ha!)

I’d love to know – are you going to try your own at home spa day and did you notice any benefits like I did?


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