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For some reason when I think of velvet I’m immediately brought back to my 5th grade self dressing up as Posh Spice. That young girl version of me, she felt super uncomfortable and large in her black velvet cocktail dress…which, if I’m being honest, would have been much better suited for an older woman.

And, with velvet generally being a winter fabric, I get that for most of us, its hard not to associate it with feeling dowdy and uncomfortably.

Of course, as I write this it is 17 Degrees outside…yup, below freezing! And, all I can think about is being completely covered up! BUT… over the years, I’ve re-discovered velvet and with this being the season of holiday parties, I’ve found velvet to be a super sexy and sassy fabric to wear!

Here are 4 ways you can wear velvet this winter so you can feel vivacious instead of covered up:

1. Velvet + Peplum

If you don’t know me, know this: I am obsessed with peplum tops! It’s just a fun way to mix casual elegance together. You can throw it on top of jeans or even a pencil skirt for the office. It’s easy to throw on and easily dresses up most basic bottoms without a lot of effort.

Here are some velvet peplum tops that can easily work into your everyday wear this winter:

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2. Velvet + Dresses

Want a velvet dress without that dowdy feeling? It’s all about the details. Off the shoulder, leather details, embroidery. So many options are out there where velvet is styled and not overpowering you. Pair with a gorgeous metallic of neutral heel and you’re ready for your holiday parties or just a dinner with friends.

Check out some of my picks for velvet dresses with style:

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3. Velvet + Chokers

Chokers are kind of the cool girl thing to do right now, and remind me of the 90s, which has gotten me super nostalgic. Add a bit of velvet sexiness to any outfit with a velvet choker

Here are a few velvet chokers I’m loving:

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4. Velvet + Shoes

Why not add some winter sexiness from the bottom up!? Shoes are actually the item I first wore when I realized how sexy velvet could be. There are many different options to fit your individual style for the winter.

Check out some sexy velvet shoes below

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I’d LOVE to hear from you… What do you think about velvet and what one of these ways of wearing velvet do you want to rock this winter?