Fall Florals

Does hearing that florals are “in” remind you of The Devil Wears Prada?

I can’t hear about florals being a trend without thinking about my spirit animal, Miranda Priestly.

Florals for Spring Devil Wears Prada

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.”

Honestly, I’ve felt that a lot in recent years when someone talks about florals as there isn’t usually a lot of ingenuity with floral patterns. They’re kind of like the basic bitch of patterns these days.

I honestly thought if I saw, yet again, that florals were a trend I would bang my head on a wall + go full on Miranda Priestly on the fashion publications because there wasn’t anything super innovative or inspiring about them to me.

Enter this fall…. where I find out florals are a “trend.”

Well, this season, I have been obsessed, no joke, OBSESSED with florals. Have I become a basic bitch? Maybe. I’m just going with what I like and what inspires me so if that makes me basic, so be it.

However, these florals for fall? Groundbreaking. …Seriously!

We’re seeing them done in a very unique way, or a way I’ve at least found unique for the past several seasons especially. They’re happening with a little more sass, more metallics, embroidering. More overall texture. More Personality. More ingenuity and depth to them.


This past week I was in Thailand at my dear friend Rebecca Rubin’s Content Queen Retreat. It may surprise many of you that I feel super insecure with my writing, but I do.

For almost 2 years I felt completely blocked and brought on a copywriter who did the majority of my writing for me until recently. This isn’t a secret for many entrepreneurs to do this but something about how I kept wanting to express my brand started to become a basic bitch. I wanted people to like me and not get mad if I had a super distinct viewpoint. I became basic.

So, in honor of my commitment to sharing my authentic and true voice, with all its sass and spice, let’s get inspired by some of the fabulous florals we are seeing this fall!

Shop my Favorite Fall Floral Picks in the slider below!

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So what about you? Are you excited to try out the fall floral trend?

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