Cape Trend

Have you been seeing capes, basically everywhere?

You’re not at Comic-Con, and Halloween is over — when it comes to capes we’re not talking costumes… we’re talking FASHION! 

It’s all about that cape this season. (Bout that cape, bout that cape… seriously, my team and I keep singing that song every time someone mentions capes, we may just love our version more than Meghan Trainor’s all about that bass music video, which is saying something since we’re big Meghan Trainor fans over here!)

So in today’s episode of Crystal Cave TV, I’ll be sharing with you all the ways you can embrace the cape style trend without feeling like you’ve put on a costume.

Capes have been around for the past few years. I even designed one while I was in Italy in design school.


….And last spring Rebel Wilson wore a cape dress from Adrianna Papell at the MTV movie awards (April 2015) and that was basically the time that cape dresses really blew up.

The dress itself was stunning, black with a pop of pink. Personally, I fell in love with that look, and we’ve seen that so many more capes have come on the market since then. Capes are now tagged as one of the great trends for this season!

So, let’s talk about 4 of the ways we can integrate capes into your personal style.

Click the video below to watch this week’s episode of Crystal Cave TV and get the full scoop on this fun trend, or keep reading to learn my 4 Ways to Integrate Capes Into Your Style.

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4 Ways to Integrate Capes Into Your Style

#1: First – check out a cape jacket!

When I first fell in love with cape jackets I was in a job where I had to wear a uniform every day. Cape jackets helped me to feel like I could create my own style within my job uniform.

They’re very feminine and now with all the different colors & styles available, they can really add a pop of glam to your outerwear.

Even better, in the winter I love to put my cape jacket on over my workout clothes on the way to Soulcycle or the gym. I’ve been doing this for years and it helps me feel like I’ve put together more of a complete outfit.

#2: Second, you can also now check out high low capes.

The high low trend is the style where a garment is shorter in the front and longer in the back. In capes, this style comes in a bunch of different varieties with full body capes, sheer capes, and even a style that attaches at your shoulders.

I love the high low trend because it allows you to rock a cape without being swallowed up by fabric. I even did it for my Halloween costume this year when I was Daenerys Targaryen.


I love wearing a high low cape when it’s warmer out, or if I’m feeling a bit more in the dramatic mood. The low drop in the back can create a fabulous dramatic flare!

#3: Third, you can opt for a Capelet.

So, you’re probably wondering what the heck a capelet is! I even did some googling to make sure I could describe it correctly for you…

A capelet is a Victorian garment that covers the shoulders. They are shorter than your typical cape jacket and just cover your shoulders and upper arms.

There are high low capelets which I think are cool, and you can even get more decorative or embellished ones which would be fun for a formal event or to dress up a casual outfit.

Likewise, the capelet trend is great for someone who doesn’t like showing their shoulders but also doesn’t want to be 100% covered up either.

#4: Fourth and finally, is the Collarless Cape Blazer.

This is seriously my favorite of all the ways to wear a cape. It combines a few of my favorite things – blazers, capes, and looking like a freaking kick ass feminine executive.

If Cashmere Mafia were still on TV, they’d all be rocking these, I swear!

Be ready to rock any boardroom in a cape blazer or go for a night out. I think this is an especially awesome day-to-evening blazer because it doesn’t read specifically work or too night out. It’s like goldilocks: just right. This is a must for all my fellow entrepreneur badasses!

I think capes are really fun. As I’ve talked about before, I’m all about us women stepping into our Queen mode and I think that capes are a really fun garment to utilize to step into feeling regal and feminine.

Feeling like a Queen allows you to step into a higher level of confidence and can impact how you show up in the world.


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I’d Love to Hear From You!

So what about you? Are you loving this cape trend as much as I am?

Are you excited to try it out? Do you have any questions about cape jackets?

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