How would it feel to actually LOVE shopping in a store. How about No more dressing room breakdowns?

This course is designed to guide you to owning your style by learning to shop like a stylist so you can shop with success and ease, at anytime.

Following my 4 part Dream Closet Method you’ll learn how to:
  • Mentally prepare to step foot in your closet with my closet release meditation.
  • Step by step closet cleanse. Edit your closet on your own so you can audit just like a stylist.
  • Organize your dream closet.
  • Dream closet guide.
  • Dream closet visualization.

Total Cost: $27



Get dressed with ease

No more wasted time when your closet is setup to work for you.



be inspired

Feel excited when you step in and out of your closet, like it’s your real life Carrie Bradshaw dream closet.



Save time

When your closet is designed for you, you’ll spend less time getting dressed.



what others say

Nina Duran Says…
“Crystal is an absolute GEM!

When I first agreed to having a stylist help me shop for my body, I was hesitant. I’m someone who will wear all black and over sized clothing just to hide my body.

When I met Crystal she went thru the process of styling me and after only a few minutes, I felt completely comfortable with her. She understood a lot of my insecurities. She had me try on different outfits. The one thing she had me try on was this turquoise/ black chevron maxi. I have never really been in to dresses since I thought it would make my mid section look bigger than what it already was. I tried it on, and she paired it with a white blazer. I was surprised when I looked in the mirror. It looked great on and I felt great!

Crystal really knows what she is doing. I loved every minute of the experience. I’m so glad I found this creative beautiful human being.”

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