If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably saw that my grandfather died last month.

Coming off a launch and cross country move when I hadn’t set up the systems to support myself I found myself asking myself a lot last month “is this it?” Or really, “WTF Life?”

I always have the best of intentions when I make decisions, but then the unexpected happens…my loved one’s death, my dog getting injured aftering being attacked by another dog at daycare while I was home for the funeral, and throwing my hip out.

And that’s all within the last month! Ugh.

But, surprisingly, through it all I’ve found amazing clarity on what I need for myself, my business and what I want to create in the world.

As my coaches have taught me to notice over the years… the breakdown always happens before the breakthrough.

Of course, this means that before the breakthrough, you, like me, probably find yourself saying, “WTF LIfe!” 

I’ve learned a lot about hustling through heartbreak and those WTF moments over the past few years. Now, when they are happening, I Know (with inner awareness) that these are learning opportunities designed to help me gain greater clarity on my purpose.

But, this takes being aware and present. It means choosing to engage and ask questions instead of numbing out. Much easier said than done. I hear you. Let me support you on this journey.

Here are 5 things I do when life goes WTF in it’s effort to offer me bigger breakthroughs:


1. Clear the decks –

This means canceling things, giving yourself time when you needing it and saying no to things you may have previously said yes to. This is oftentimes the hardest for me as people pleaser in recovery but let’s all remember it’s about quality over quantity, especially in a time of WTF.

2. Let your body tell you what she needs –

When I feel pain or sick, the first thing I do? Turn to my Louise Hay “Heal Your Body” App and see what’s going on. A lot of the time the pain in your body is just merely providing you a touch point for further healing. 

3. Prioritize self care –

I have been clear I need a bit more sleep than normal and taking my co-dependent puppy to Healthy Spot, her happy place (AKA doggy daycare), so I could have some me time. So, what do you need? Do you need to ask a friend to babysit or do something so you can sleep in? Get yourself support! 

4. Move your body –

Whether it’s a dance, a spin class or aqua aerobics, you need to move the energy in your body. I scheduled classes at SoulCycle, have been playing more music (currently on a Temptations kick), and even tried out a new movement studio I can walk to. You have a lot of energy and your body needs to process it. As much as I want to stay in, I find the accountability of a class gets me up and moving. Do what works for you and your budget and remember nothing beats throwing music on at home to “dance it out.”


5. Turn to your sisterhood –

I am so grateful for the support I have in my life and although I used to be a 1 BFF at a time/kind of codependent person, I have a whole group of women I can turn to whether it’s my sisters from former masterminds or Inner Glow Circle. 

My best tip when you need sisterhood support? Be clear on what you need. Do you need to just let it all out? We definitely need to do things to support ourselves so we’re not expecting our sisterhood to shoulder it all but in a healthy relationship we can ask for support without putting it all on someone else. Sometimes you just need to vent or need someone to tell us what to do. Be clear on where you need support and ask for it.

The 5 things above helped me connect to myself and my purpose over the past months.
 Things haven’t felt perfect, but these self-honoring activities have allowed me to actually feel my emotions, process what is happening and I’m exciting to head into spring no matter what life brings. 

I’d love to hear in the comments below- what do you do to help yourself get through those “WTF life” times?



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