Mesmerizing Metallics

Maybe it’s the 49-year-old in me stuck in a 29-year-old’s body, but for the longest time I’ve had this fantasy of owning a gold lamé dress I could wear in a photoshoot or as I ring in the New Year.

Well, in September I thought I had finally found it — my gold lamé fantasy. I found myself obsessing over a dress on Eloquii, the Studio Metallic Textured Wrap Dress.

So, when I decided to do a photoshoot with my dear friend Melissa Hoffmann in LA, I hemmed and hawed but I finally bought it on a flash sale and had it overnighted to me (I really let it get down to the wire for that shoot, something I would NEVER recommend for a client!!).

I couldn’t tear the box open fast enough when I got it, but then my heart dropped.

It looked… cheap.

“F[ork] me” I thought.

But I always say “never judge an item until you try it on.”

So, I gave it a chance and tried it on. I had been talking about it for probably an hour with my friends who were at my house, so might as well give it a try, right?

Again, heart sinking, smiling growing faker by the moment to my friends, I tried it on again. I thought it looked hideous.

My friends told me it looked good, but I wasn’t so sure. Honestly, it felt like a glam rocker costume that was washed up from the early 80s.

So, I decided to wear it for my shoot but when it came to pack it the next day, I couldn’t. I tried it on again, in the quiet of my own house with only Bijou sleeping in her crate next to me.

“NO” my inner voice screamed, so I listened.

It’s disappointing when a dress doesn’t meet the fantasy in your head. I realized that this dress didn’t work for 2 reasons:

  1. The fit was wrong on me. It looked heavy and emphasized the wrong parts of my body. There are no “wrong” parts of your body but you have to be clear on the look you are going for, this wasn’t mine. (Pro tip: A wrap dress is universally quite flattering for all body types.)
  2. It didn’t make me feel good. I mean, is there such a thing as too much metallic? Maybe so in this case. You have to be the judge for yourself, but I put on the dress and it felt so hot and heavy. That made me feel uncomfortable and not feel good. Not feeling good is a no-no. Clothing should be comfortable no matter what it is. Uncomfortable clothing means it isn’t the right fit.

With us going into the holiday season, I think metallics are a really fun choice for parties and events. So I’ve put together a few quick steps you can take to avoid disappointment and ensure the metallics this season mesmerize you on both the inside and out!

  1. STEP 1: Get clear on your desired feelings when you wear clothing. Be clear on how you want to feel in your clothing. You can check out my post on finding an alter ego in your clothing here. This will help you say no to the dresses that you’ll regret having in your closet or in all your holiday photos.
  2. STEP 2: Get clear on your Style Inspiration BEFORE you focus on your body type. You will only set yourself up to look “basic” instead of inspired if you aren’t clear on your personal style before your body type. Take my Style Archetype Quiz if you haven’t already or check out my thoughts on putting your style before your body shape here.
  3. STEP 3: Find a silhouette you love. Too often we want to reinvent the wheel. If there’s a silhouette you love in one dress, aim to look for that same silhouette throughout the year, whether it’s a white dress in summer or a drop dead metallic number for the holidays.
  4. STEP 4: Wear it with confidence. Sometimes stepping into something that really makes you shine and stand out can be scary and feel super vulnerable. I mean, I remember two years ago walking into a business school alumni event in all pink and even though I felt great, I was semi-horrified to stick out as a sore thumb when all I saw was black and gray around me. I almost walked right out of the room. But you know what? I said “f[ork] it,” I stayed and it actually made for some fun conversation, and great segway into what I did as a career. AKA a lot of “Well, it’s obvious I work in fashion” sentences happened.

Remember, you were born to stand out in this world and this season is a time to celebrate. Allow yourself to shine, to be seen and don’t forget that going outside of your comfort zone can be freaking scary. You may feel scared if you normally opt for something a little less, shall we say, shiny, but use the holidays as the perfect opportunity to mesmerize in metallics.

Shop some of my favorite holiday metallics and sparkle numbers below!

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So what about you? What do you think of this sparkly trend?

Are you ready to rock some metallics this holiday season?

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